Top 5 Reasons Why use PHP?

If you need your Static HTML Website — a website that contains fixed content or doesn’t need frequent changes — embed a dynamic text, then you will find PHP extremely useful. Remember, PHP was designed for creating Dynamic Websites — websites or web pages that needs frequent changes like News, Online Shopping Cart, Classified Ads, Portal Sites, and etc… Dynamic Websites are often database-driven that is why we need MySQL Database which is a perfect match to PHP.

Top 5 Reasons Why use PHP

  1. It’s FREE and Easy to Learn — if you have a good background on other programming like C, Java, and other programming languages, I assure you will not have difficulty in starting PHP. Actually, PHP is a lot more easier that those programming languages. 🙂
  2. PHP is cross-platform and portable across operating system — if you created a program in Windows system you can run it also on another OS like Linux easily.
  3. PHP is most often used application to create dynamic websites
  4. A lot of open-source projects available freely to download such as forums, shopping carts, blog (WordPress — very popular CMS especially for blogging), e-commerce applications, and a lot more…
  5. Active Community – PHP has a very active community meaning to say there are vast number of user PHP contributors, PHP developers, PHP users, and employers that are offering PHP jobs.
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  1. Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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